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male 160cm

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Lifelike Male Sex Doll

Do you need the sexy companionship of a masculine lifelike male sex doll that is full of pleasure? Here’s the ideal solution by Tebux! These male dolls are elegantly designed with all the manly characteristics. Offered to you with a height of 160cm, their strong body, well-crafted muscles and attractive appearance are capable of stimulating the desires of explorative females.

Although these dolls are made to fulfill the sexual requirements of females, there are no restrictions for men to use them as companions if they wish. Their strong, upheld body is perfectly supported by a steel skeleton, while the outer skin is manufactured to provide a realistic manly touch.

You can easily change his clothing into whatever you wish, as all the necessary measurements are provided. Adding more value to the product, these male dolls are exceptionally durable and ZERO maintenance is required.

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